Friday, February 15, 2008

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So many days i didn't write anything in blog. But i continued to met my guide. Because of 3rd sem exam i took a small break in writing in blog. My guide told me to continue the work of Raja Ravi Varma's paintings. I am thinking of doing "Creating a database for specialised material, eg.
Ravi Varma's paintings using VRA core category version 3.0.
I searched through many cites like, Ravivarma etc.
I got more then 150 pictures of Ravi Varma. Information on web is less.Iwent to CAVA college, because of some reason they told me to come afterwards. I got information from Jaganmohana palace, from the superviser. He gave me a book on Raja Ravi Varma(The painter prince 1848-1906). From that i got titles of paintings, current location, introduction about RaviVarma etc. I try to discribe atleast 5 portraits in VRA. My guide told me to go ahead with this topic.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Titles for project

I have refered few titles for the purpose of project.The titles are:

1.Electronic publishing in libraries.
2.Open archives initiative metadata harvesting.
3.Accessibility of web based information for people with disabilities.
4.Information literacy and e-learning.
5.System librarianship.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First step in project-Title searching

Today we went to meet our project guide.He said project is not only self learning,but also it is like an essay.He said how to search project titles.He showed us to Emarald site and how to search for project titles.This is only one method for searching the title.N.S.H told us to collect three journals and put it in blog.
These are the journals i took.

1.The eletronic library.
ISSN NO:02640473

2.Online information review.
ISSN NO:14684527

3.OCLC systems and services;International digital library prospestivs.
ISSN NO:1065075 x

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About old project

Cyber cafes in Mysore: their use and implications

Student name is: Chitra . M. S.
Under the guidence of: Dr. Mallinath Kumbar.

She did project on this topic. She gave information about history of internet. She gave details about when internet was introduced in India and usage of cyber cafes in Mysore. Percentage of users using cyber cafes in Mysore. Most of the peoples don't know how to use internet for accessing remote area information. How childrens go for browsing with their parents and friends . In her project she has also prepared a Questionaire and she had also done survey and collected statistical data.

Skills learnt by:
1. Writing and searching skills.
2. Communication skills.
3. Some standards she learnt for arranging data.
4. She would have learned more about search engines.
5. She distributed questionaire to several people for doing survey. This helped her to understand the different characters of people.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

About old project

Resource discription of works of art avilable at CAVA

Student name is: Siddalingaswamy .B.
Under the guidence of: Dr. Harinarayana. N. S.
This project about discription of works of art at CAVA. First he gave details about CAVA. ChamarajendraAcadamic of Visual Art. Mysore university offered course in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphis applied art, photography and photo journalism and art history.
Then he gave details about CDWA. Catagories for the Discription Works of Art. Discribes
the contents of art database by articulating a conceptual framework for discribing and accissing information about works of articulture and other material culture. He gave information about all these things.
Skills learnt by:
1.It increses his confidence.
2.He may get interest about art, sculpture and theatre.
3.He mention in project, he discussed with artists, librarians, dean and otherstaff. That time he may get good friends and famous persones in that particular field.
4.He knows more about metadata standerds and AACR2.

About Old Projects .

2)Rastrakavi Kuvempu(1904-1994)in the eyes of the web.2.0.

Student name is :Ashoka. R.

Under the guidence of:Dr.Chandrashekara. M.

This project deals with Kuvempu in the eyes of web.When we gave the topic for internet search,it shows all the details.This project deals with Kuvempu's life history and his works.In this project he mention how much information available in web about Kuvempu.
But in internet their is no such information about Kuvempu.These all information available in this project.

Skills learnt by:
1. Writing and searching skill.
2.Reading skill.
3.He may getsmore intersted in literiture.
4.he may read some Kuvempu's book's and change his some character.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About project

Today we meet our guide NSH .He had only my mail with wrong blog address .Then all four members went to his chamber and told my correct blog address and he gave comments on our blog. So I felt very happy and I decided to work hard from today onwards.